Hosting build by devops for opensource makers !

We love developers

We are working with opensource makers. Making a hosting for them and paying back to the makers.

By running a service with us you are also supporting the makers


The words larges CMS you can run it a regular wordpress ore as api with static frontend


The LMS that we alla love. Here run in cluste mode ready to scale any need

Your Service

Do you have build any service, Let talk and we can host that service for you


Make money on your opensource software !

Lets work togheter and setup your opensource service on our hosting


Setup your app to run in docker


Your service need to be depliyable and provision resourse by it self. A empty server lika DB can be deployable but the service need to able to setup the service.

Config by ENV / Logs stout

For easy deploy haveing a service that can be configured using ENV is requierd. And your logs need to come out in from docker as stout.

Getting payed for your service

We love developers and oepnsource and we have a fair setup for sharing revenues

Simpleas this 20% Northamlin / 40% to the hosting provider / 40% to developer of service